• 51Poetry and Film. Artistic Kinship Between Arsenii and Andrei Tarkovsky , Hunter-Blair Kitty (2014)
    Andrei Tarkovsky is widely regarded as one of the most significant filmmakers of modern times. Fundamental to his practice are the poems that his father, Arsenii, created. They resonate through many… 1556 руб

  • 52A Double Barrelled Detective Story , Марк Твен
    A Double Barreled Detective Story is a short story/novelette. The story is a delightful spoof of the mystery genre, then in its infancy, introducing the reader to Sherlock Holmes as he has never been… руб электронная книга

  • 53Service Operation (2007)
    Successfully bringing a well-designed service into the live environment takes efficient planning. It is necessary to deliver new or changed services with the appropriate balance of speed, cost and… 5021.1 руб

  • 54Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat: The Great Speeches nguin Classics , Winston Churchill (2007)
    The most eloquent and expressive statesman of his time - phrases such as "iron curtain", "business as usual", "the few", and "summit meeting" passed quickly into everyday use - Winston Churchill used… 1209 руб

  • 55Classic Tales from Rupert , Bestall Alfred (2012)
    This is a beautifully bound gift edition of these classic tales of the famous bear. This beautiful book contains two classic Alfred Bestall stories: Rupert&The Mare's Nest and Rupert&The Lost Cuckoo… 733 руб

  • 56John Constantine, Hellblazer: Volume 4: The Family Man , Jamie Delano, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Dick Foreman (2012)
    Collected for the first time in chronological order and featuring stories by fan-favorite writer Grant Morrison (BATMAN INC, FINAL CRISIS) and the legendary Neil Gaiman (SANDMAN, AMERICAN GODS)… 1918 руб

  • 57Nine Lives to Die: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery , Rita Mae Brown (2015)
    Winter has come to Crozet, Virginia, bringing with it a fresh blanket of snow. Harry and her husband Fair are hip deep in their usual end-of-year activities: wrapping presents, distributing food to… 149 руб

  • 58Heart of Betrayal , Britton Andrew (2007)
    When brutal terrorists strike at the heart of Washington, the usual suspects are blamed. But this time, America's worst nightmare has come true - the terror comes from within. Former'black… 624 руб

  • 59The White Stuff , Armitage Simon (2005)
    Abbie Fenton wants a baby. Her husband Felix, not unaware of the thunderous ticking of Abbie's biological clock, wants to oblige but their home has still to be blessed. Cue the usual round of… 651 руб

  • 60Tocqueville , Harvey C. Mansfield (2010)
    No one has ever described American democracy with more accurate insight or more profoundly than Alexis de Tocqueville. After meeting with Americans on extensive travels in the United States, and… 493 руб